Exemption clauses


Much has changed in the legal landscape surrounding exemption clauses from when the landmark case of Durban’s Water Wonderland (Pty) Ltd v Botha 1999 1 SA 982 (SCA) was decided. In that case, the court had to decide on the enforceability of a disclaimer notice when the plaintiff and her daughter were flung from a […]

Privacy in SA on Facebook

Privacy rights in South Africa on Facebook ______________________________ In the recent case of Harvey v Niland 2016 (2) SA 436 (ECG), the applicant, Mr Harvey, and the first respondent, Mr Niland, were the only members of a close corporation, Huntershill Safaris CC, which offered professional hunting services to its clients. Niland was employed by Huntershill as […]

rates and taxes

Are you liable for historical arrear property rates on your property? 12 January 2015   Who is responsible for historical arrear property rates and taxes on your property? The good news is that the person who owned the property at the time the debt was incurred is liable. But did you know that a municipality […]


DIE ONGEREGISTREERDE BOUER EN ONTWIKKELAAR – EN DIE HUISVERBRUIKER Daar is vandag talle ongeregistreerde bouers en ontwikkelaars wat in die bedryf van die bou van huise is en dan is daar ook soveel huisverbruikers (hierna verwys as “die Verbruiker”) wat hulself bevind is ‘n posisie waar die bouer of ontwikkelaar van hul huis baie swak […]

Attorney George Kleynhans

Attorney George Kleynhans About ILAW George Kleynhans http://www.attorneys24.net                       http://www.ilaw.co.za                          http://www.attorneys.web.za               http://www.ilaw.attorney    http://www.ilaw.africa Attorneys24 Our mission: Promote the legal profession Market and advertise legal firms […]

Deceased estates – disputes

disputes over a deceased relative’s estate 22 May 2018   If someone leaves a sizeable estate behind, it may cause conflict among the possible heirs. The help of an attorney, when settling an estate after a death, can avoid unnecessary troubles. The Administration of Estates Act, 1965, determines what must happen with an estate after […]

Public warning

Public warning BEWARE OF THIS ATTORNEY: MS SHAIK, NIRVANA, POLOKWANE FOUND IN POSSESSION OF STOLEN TITLE DEED                                                                          IN CONTEMPT […]


Trust “My wife and I are discussing providing for the creation of a testamentary trust in our will to take care of our minor children upon our untimely death. I’m worried though that if we establish a trust, it may be too rigid to deal with the changing circumstances of our children. Can the trust […]


Bitcoin What happens to my Bitcoins when I die? 08 March 2018   “I’ve started buying Bitcoins as a form of investment. I am aware that is a virtual currency and that different rules apply to Bitcoins. But I’m know starting to wonder how I can ensure that I transfer my Bitcoins to my heirs […]

Lapsed firearm licence

Lapsed firearm licence   “I own a firearm which has always been validly licenced. I was out of the country for a few months with work this year and was unable to renew my licence before its expiry in June. On my return I went to the police, but they told me that because my […]